Optimist, Entrepreneur, Digital Strategist

Lukas Fischer

You can always contact me via lf@netnode.ch, +41 76 413 43 43 or twitter.com/lukasfischer.

I run NETNODE AG, a digital agency based in Lucernce Switzerland. Among client projects, we started NodeHive Headless CMS in autumn 2023.

I am blogging here and here, youtubing here and here host meetups WebUp Luzern and TechUp Luzern.

Current Ventures:

Past Ventures:

  • Rethink Festival, Founder/Steward [2020]
  • Drupalmonitor.com, Founder [2009-2015]
  • OpenInbound.com, Founder [2015-2019]
  • Little Jig Records, Founder [2002-2007, still going]
  • Guzuu.com - founder of DIY market place, Founder [2007-2013]
  • Coworking Box [2009-2013]
  • Coworking Im Neuweg [2013-2019]

Board Engagements:

Other projects

  • MeetUp Host WebUp Luzern and TechUp Luzern.
  • Hosted TEDxLuzern – Now What? [2021]
  • Active as DJ Circus Disco and DJ Tigr Tigr Tigr [2000-2010]
  • Active as guitarist in several bands [1997-2005]


In my spare time I love chill with the family, gardening, playing piano/guitar, shooting photos/films and reading books.

Short bio

Lukas Fischer is an entrepreneur with a profound 20-year journey in the digital domain, where he has excelled as a digital consultant, strategist, and software developer. As the visionary founder of NETNODE AG and NodeHive Headless CMS, Lukas has demonstrated a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic foresight. His role extends beyond entrepreneurship as he actively contributes as a board member in various initiatives, reflecting his commitment to industry leadership and community engagement. Driven by a vision for a regenerative, open, and interconnected world, Lukas continually seeks to harness the power of technology to foster sustainable and collaborative solutions. His passion for digital evolution and his dedication to impactful initiatives mark him as a distinguished figure in the technology sector.


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