2024 – React Summit Amsterdam

"React Now Looks Like PHP" They Said

2024 – Drupal Mountain Camp

The Future of Drupal is Headless


2023 – Forum ö

Input zum Thema Selbstorganisation

Short inpute about self organisation at the yearly conference of öbu. öbu is the swiss association for sustainable business.

More info about the event: www.forum-oe.ch

2023 – DrupalCon Lille

2023 – Drupal Dev Days Vienna

Navigation the Future of Work

2020 – DrupalCon Global

Mind-blowing content planning in native Drupal

2018 – Thunder Days Berlin

Drop your Excel Sheets: Editorial Planning done right

2017 – DrupalCon Vienna

Move up the value chain

2018 – Customer Experience Day Switzerland

Vom Digital Resister zum Digital Disrupter

No video available

2017 – Interactive Media Talk – Keynote

Was niemand über Design Thinking sagt.


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