My Podcast Journey in 2023: Favorites and Discoveries

January 2nd
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Oh dear, based on my Spotify stats, I listened to a lot of podcasts…

And yes, whenever I have time, I listen to podcasts. During commuting, while working in the garden, while turning the compost pile.

Here’s my 2023 list:

Lex Fridman Podcast (Link): I find this podcast intellectually stimulating. Typically an episode is longer that 2 hours, so the content goes deep. My favorite episodes where with game designer Todd Howard (Link), Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia), Neil Gershenfels (founder of the FabLab movement) and Steven Wolfram.

Geschichten aus der Geschichte (Link): A German speaking podcast in the true history category. I truely enjoy listening to Richard and Daniel. My favorite episodes include: GAG402: Die Vegetarian Society und die Begründung des modernen Vegetarismus, GAG418: Das älteste Gewürz der Welt

Lanz und Precht (Link):  I almost listened to all of their episodes. One of my favorite episodes include: 92 about the digital society. I don't know why, but the last 10 episodes were less interesting than before.

Rework Podcast (Link): I rediscovered 37 signals content. It’s entertaining when Jason and David rant about whatever they dislike at the moment (mostly for self promotion). I occasionally strongly agree and/or disagree. My favorite episode: Two person teams

Sternstunde Philosophie (Link): Occasionally I also listen to Sternstunde Philosophie - it’s not a classic podcast format but I also listen to it as if. My favorite episode this year: Sabine Hossenfelber - steht die Zukunft schon fest?

Which podcast episodes did you find most engaging and memorable in 2023?


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