A blog for myself

November 23rd

It's 2023 and I finally start my personal blog.

There were several attempts in the past to actually start my own personal blog, but I never really started. Instead I was blogging mostly on our company blog and on other projects.

Why a blog?

It seems that everybody shouting loud and LinkedIn. I'm fine with that. I still find a blog an attractive way to communicate long(er) form content and articulate ideas. And, I want to be platform independent and have control over my content.

My approach in 2023

I see this blog as a playground and "digital garden". I want to make blogging for myself funny and I have a couple of ideas.

  • Share predictions, for example about AI
  • Share my option on technology, business and society
  • Share personal experiences 
  • Share personal and professional learnings
  • Share what I'm up to
  • Share achievements

I hope you enjoy following.


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