I plan to have this blog/website until the end of my life

November 23rd

I just launched this personal blog (November 2023) and I made a bold statement to myself.

I plan to have this blog/website until the end of my life.

It's a weird feeling. By saying that, every word I write seem to matter. If the the plan is actually working out, this website will be my digital "legacy". That's frightening and exiting.

Let's make a bit of math. I'm 41 now and based on the swiss statistics office, male will become 81.6 years old as of 2022. This means, I should be able to run this website for approximately 40 years. Interesting. This will be the year 2063.

This leads to the question: How is that even possible?

There are several open questions I'm curious about:

  • Will web browsers as we know today still exist?
  • Will the data formats of today still be compatible?
  • Am I able to port the content to the new "standard" over the decades?
  • How will it evolve visually?
  • How will the creation/writing process evolve?
  • Will I once able to “write” an article through brain to digital interface?

This are my preparations so far:

  • Use open source tools
  • Use simple data structures
  • Instead of building a software tool that lasts 40 years, I prepare to be able to migrate content to whatever new platform make sense

The current setup of this website:

It's a decoupled setup with NodeHive (our product) as a backend and a small NextJS frontend application.

Let's come back in 5 years and make a status update.


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